Forestry field trip

Forestry student field trip

Our team had the pleasure of taking the local Forestry students at Selkirk College out for a field trip in late March. We showed them our sawmill and mass timber plant and took them into the forest above Nelson to see our wildfire risk reduction project.

“The students were very keen and asked a lot of questions,” said Troy Van Skiver, our
Development Forester. “The students really like the idea of family-owned value-added mills.”

The Forestry students were interested in comparing a sizeable beam we made at our mass timber facility to a beam that could be produced from a large log. They noted that a mass timber beam of similar size is stronger and more precise than a single-piece beam and could be produced using much smaller logs.

We appreciate the visit and are glad to see such a thoughtful and engaged group of students looking to build their careers in forestry.