Landscaping materials now available

We are now offering bagged landscaping materials sold by the cubic meter.

We have bark mulch for around the yard, wood shavings for all your pet bedding needs, wood chips for your flower beds and sawdust for moisture retention in the garden.


  • Pricing is $130 per bag of product.
  • We offer a reduced price of $110 per bagged product on orders of 10 or more bags.


  • Bark (Douglas Fir, Larch, or Hemlock; bag weight 1100 lbs)
  • Sawdust (mixed species; bag weight 1300 lbs)
  • Shavings for animal bedding (mixed species; bag weight 500-600 lbs)
  • Woodchips (mixed species; bag weight 1100 lbs)
  • Each bag is one cubic meter.
  • Ground coverage is approximately 10 feet X 10 feet X 3 inches per bag.
  • None of our products contain cedar.
  • Product readiness is dependent on production schedules.


  • Please indicate your preferred date of pickup, please give at least 24 hours for order processing.  We will confirm with you once your order has been processed and is ready to be picked up. Monday to Friday between 7:30 am and 3:30 pm.


    • Click here to book your order or fill out the order form below.