two long douglas fir glulam beams scaled and lying down in mass timber facility


An ideal solution for horizontal or vertical framework in tall wood buildings or structures, Glulam is a next-generation alternative to concrete and steel.

Glulam Beams

Glulam beams and columns are made from lamstock grade dimensional lumber that is bonded together with strong, waterproof adhesive. Our Glulam can be manufactured into a large variety of different shapes and sizes for innovative applications where strength, durability, and design are important.

At Kalesnikoff, we produce lamstock material in a variety of species. Our dimension lumber is rigorously graded, and only the finest pieces make the ‘lamstock’ grade. Lamstock is a very difficult grade to produce because of the stringent strength requirements and defect allowances. Our lamstock program has been perfected over 30 years, and we are one of only a few mills to cut and manufacture specifically for its production. Through our integration, we are able to ensure only the highest-quality input material is used in all of our Glulam beams and columns.

eight mass timber glulam beams being scaled by facility engineers

Available Sizes:

Length: up to 60 feet
Depths: up to 8 feet
Widths: up to 36 inches

Available Grades:

Industrial (non-visual)
Commercial (visual)
Quality (premium visual)

Moisture Content:

12% plus or minus 2 % (max 15%)


To customer specifications


Sustainable forestry certification available upon request

Available Species:

Douglas Fir (DFL)
Spruce (SPF)
Western Hemlock (HF)

Applicable End-Products:

Structural or decorative beams, columns, and purlins for indoor or outdoor use in tall wood buildings, residential homes, or bridges.

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