Seedlings to Solutions

We are inspired by forests and the endless possibilities of designing and building with wood. From planting to final construction, we are committed to supporting our customers, community, and the environment.



Since the beginning, we’ve been guided by the principal, “Take care of the land, and the land will take care of you.” This is the heart and soul of Kalesnikoff. It is more than a tagline or a slogan to us, it is the DNA of our company. Respect for the land, from seedlings to solutions, is what keeps us in business. We don’t just replant trees, we look at sustainable ways in which we can adapt to our changing climate and the world around us.

Our focus is on the next 80 years, and we are planning and planting for future generations every single day. We understand that the nature of our business requires sustainability, and like farmers, we do everything we can to ensure our crops continue to flourish. We do this not just for our business, but for the interconnected local community with its recreation and lifestyles that every single one of us is deeply connected to as much personally as professionally.

Reforestation Milestones in 2021

Seedlings Planted
Hectares of Forest Planted

Sawmill Facility

Our sawmill is one of the cleanest, well-run specialty mills in British Columbia. We control what products we cut for our specific product programs in this modern, multi-species 75 million FBM capacity facility that is equipped with five premium Steam Injection Dry Kilns. With our kilns, we’re able to control the tight drying specifications that are required in the production of mass timber. With our own planer mills, we can create proprietary grades that offer impactful production advantages.

It’s not just our machines that set us apart. More importantly, it is the people who use those machines. The Kalesnikoff team approaches work by always looking for solutions to challenges and listening for ways to improve. Through this innovative culture and work environment we are able thrive in our ability to meet customers individual project needs and never start with, “that’s impossible.”


Mass Timber Facility

With more than 30 years of experience producing industry leading Lamstock, we offer specialized, high-quality Glulam Beams, GLT Panels and Cross Laminate Timber (CLT). With leading AI software, we optimize efficiencies and offer unparalleled flexibility to handle the largest mass timber projects in the world. While we depend on cutting-edge technology, we craft and manually inspect every single piece of wood that runs through our 110,000 sq/ft building. Quality control stations are set up throughout our facility’s processes with operators ensuring nothing is overlooked.

We have one of three CLT presses in the world, and while this technology was developed during the second world war, it has been honed for the mass timber market with huge success. This means that we can cure four meters in six minutes with radio frequency and gluing techniques that let us cut, cure and process with no margin of error.

As stewards of our land, we also look at any opportunity to reuse and recycle, whether it’s leftover runs that we can set aside for concurrent projects or woodchips from the processing floor that go towards heating the facility.


Lumber Products

The Kalesnikoff brand provides an assurance that our customers will consistently receive industry leading CLT, Glulam Beams, GLT Panels, Japan Zairai, lumber and specialty products, competitively priced and delivered on time. Something they have come to know and trust for more than 80 years.

We do this through our forest, our creative and resourceful team, and our state-of-the-art facilities. Time and again, we are able to serve our customers with ideal custom solutions that start in our forest, with the desired species and cut, through to an exceptional end product.


Our Solutions

We’re excited to be part of an industry that is revolutionizing construction methods in North America, and around the globe. With decades of experience, a robust reputation and an advanced industry-leading Mass Timber Facility, our passionate team creates timber you can trust and solutions that inspire.

Our solutions include:
  1. Cost effectiveness
  2. Different Species for different cosmetic appearances
  3. Different Grades
  4. Unique sizes
  5. Services that include design and fabrication solutions to enhance projects

Shaping The Future

With our mass timber capabilities and our integrated delivery services, we are positioned to shape the way the world will look in the future. It is through these incredibly beautiful, well-designed, responsible structures that we’re able to bring natural and organic wood products to the forefront of our lives and surroundings. In today’s world, there is a renewed focus on reconnecting with nature, and seeking ways to contribute to the future of sustainability. It is enormously exciting to carry forward our 80-year legacy and contribute to building an inspired future as we plant seedlings today for the solutions of tomorrow.

Our Mass Timber Products

The Benefits of Building With Mass Timber

Discover the wide range of end-uses and benefits of working
with our mass timber products on your next project