Integrated Delivery Services

At Kalesnikoff, we understand that the key to success lies in collaboration, which is inherent in all aspects of our integrated delivery services. We are as involved as you want us to be, from tree harvest to final installation, and our progressive and passionate team is continuously seeking out ways to make the most of each phase including cost efficiency, sustainability, aesthetics and quality.

The Kalesnikoff Promise

Customer satisfaction and employee motivation are the touchstones of our company and our specialized team will listen to your needs and help you solve your unique building challenges with personal and attentive service.  We continuously seek out ways to make the most of each phase and milestone including cost efficiency, sustainability and quality.

How We do it

We work with design teams to create cost-effective and inspiring solutions utilizing our unique timber supply and production controls. With state-of-the-art equipment and materials that are safe and tested, we create more benefits with our existing logs without additional logging. Our sawmill is one of the cleanest, well-run specialty mills in British Columbia. In our modern, multi-species 75 million FBM facility equipped with state-of-the-art Steam Injection Dry Kilns, we control what products we cut for our specific product programs and design needs. Through our integration and decades of experience, we’re able to optimize the tight drying specifications and precision machining that is required in the production of mass timber products. As well, our integrations gives us the flexibility to create proprietary grades that offer impactful production advantages.

Our Services

Involvement in every stage of production lets us provide technical capabilities that only come with a 360-degree perspective. Through our integrated delivery approach, we can make early recommendations in the project development cycle that will optimize efficiencies and provide measurable cost advantages.

Design Assist

It is with your success in mind that we offer professional design-assist guidance and feedback as needed. Our manufacturing experience and expertise will make your vision achievable with our plant, facility, and team offering flexibility at every stage.


Our world-class facilities can handle the demand for your entire range of fabrication requirements. We manage our clients’ wood fabrication needs in-house with an efficient and strict tolerance service that aims to reduce exposure to onsite variances and improve building efficiencies.

Installation Support

Kalesnikoff is known for our problem-solving approach to projects and for our ability to provide creative solutions to difficult and complex challenges—we always think in terms of what we can make possible. Our team works with installation crews to produce a detailed efficient onsite installation management strategy that brings maximum value to any project.

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