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Kalesnikoff Cares

As a family-owned, fourth-generation company, we are committed to making a positive difference for our employees, local community and the environment. One of the ways the company acts on this commitment is by supporting local causes, events and initiatives through our Kalesnikoff Cares program. Each year, we contribute funding of approximately $50,000, in addition to in-kind items and other support.

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Giving Back To Our Communities

Whether it’s a small gift of building a community garden or a bigger project resurfacing the historic Brilliant Suspension Bridge, we are active in local environmental initiatives, extra-curricular activities, and programs that promote education, health, and safety.

Causes Our Employees Are Passionate About

This year, we wanted to try something new and created an opportunity for employees to participate in a new initiative called “We Care”. Through this organization, Kalesnikoff will be providing an additional $1,000 each quarter and a committee of employees will direct the money towards an employee-nominated cause of their choice. We have established a committee of six team members from various areas to review, rank and decide on one or more initiatives suggested by our employees each quarter.

Applications should align with the following criteria:


This cause helps support
local kids and/or families.


This cause supports our


This cause will help our


This cause Aligns with our credo “take care of the land, and the land will take care of you.”


Our participation in this cause will have an impact

Have a cause that needs support?

Please reach out if you have any questions about our company or initiatives.

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