Our People

Taking care of the forest and tidying up

In June, Todd Bodger, a member of our Sawmill Team, ventured into the forest on his own time as a one-person cleanup crew.

“I collected a range of items: everything from small garbage to bullet shells, a fridge and dryer, car seats, a baby’s playpen and lots more,” he says. “It really felt amazing to do this; not only did I feel better just knowing the garbage was at the dump where it belonged, but knowing I was doing something positive for the mountains and forest was the real win!”

Todd Bodger tidies the forest

Todd Bodger removes waste from the forest.


Todd cleared two truckloads of waste from local forest roads and lots between Castlegar and Nancy Green Lake and paid to dispose of it at the garbage dump.

“Doing this cleanup mattered to me because I’ve spent my entire life in BC living, working, and playing in the mountains and forests. Mountains and forest are a lot of what make this province and area so special. I take pride in living in the Kootenays and feel everyone should respect nature to the highest levels,” he says.

“I challenge everyone to clean up a mess or any garbage that’s not their responsibility to do so. The more remote the better! Garbage doesn’t belong in the forest ever!”

Kudos to Todd for his efforts to keep the forest clean and pristine.

Our guiding principle is: ‘Take care of the land, and the land will take care of you,’ and we’re grateful to all who share our vision and care for the earth.