This is a rendering of a light industrial/office build that features mass timber construction.

Man 6

Vancouver, BC


Man 6 is a three story light industrial/office building located in Fairview in Vancouver. The building features mass timber construction.

Project Details

The three story office building consists of Glulam columns and beams with CLT floors. Kalesnikoff provided custom steel connections for pre-cut Glulam beams. We also provided custom panel sizing with daps cut for spline connections.

According to naturally:wood, this build “showcases how light industrial, commercial office and even outdoor recreational uses can fuse seamlessly into one complementary building design.”

They also report that: “To maximize the use of the small site, the building covers most of the 561 square metres lot and does not have setbacks or staging areas for materials. This requires an innovative approach to design, engineering and execution made possible by using BIM modeling. The added time required for construction will be offset by prefabricated mass timber components that accommodate quicker and easier assembly… The project demonstrates how thoughtful design, offsite prefabrication and mass timber can help maximize the use of small industrial sites.”


Glulam - DFL; CLT - DFL


3D Modelling, Shop Drawings, Hardware, and Mass Timber supply




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