Kalesnikoff Expansion

South Slocan, BC


Kalesnikoff added a 20,000 square-foot expansion to our mass timber facility in 2022 using our own CLT and glulam.

Project details

The glulam and steel hybrid trusses for our expansion span 80-foot widths. We prefabricated the trusses on our shop floor, which allowed for a swift installation.

Our expansion extends our capacity to offer value-added services for our customers and allowed us to bring in additional equipment that will further improve our productivity.


Hemlock CLT and Douglas fir Glulam


Design, Development, Fabrication, Preassembly of Trusses, Install Management




Exterior shot of mass timber facility under construction
Interior shot of Kalesnikoff's mass timber facility
Overhead view of Kalesnikoff's mass timber expansion addition
Interior shot of construction site with mass timber trusses overhead
Interior shot of mass timber building with cross laminated timber panels and glulam trusses
Aerial shot of mass timber trusses at construction expansion
Photo shows our glulam and steel trusses that span 80-feet with a bright blue sky in the background
Our mass timber expansion is under construction. Workers are installing CLT panels and glulam trusses.
Our glulam beams are at our construction site waiting to be erected.

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