This aquatic and community center features exposed CLT roof and wall panels with exposed glulam beams

Aquatic & Community Center

New Westminster, BC

This center features exposed cross-laminated timber (CLT) roof and wall panels with exposed Glulam beams.

The New Westminster Aquatic & Community Center will be made from SPF mass timber. The SPF Glulam beams span up to 13.9 meters. The SPF CLT is 7-ply and 9-ply.

Kalesnikoff is providing 3D modelling, shop drawings, hardware, splines, and mass timber for the center.

Mass timber aquatic center rendering
Mass timber lobby
3D model of mass timber design

Architectural renderings have been provided by hcma with credit to Vismo for the lobby rendering and credit to Miguel Orellana for the exterior rendering.


Glulam - SPF; CLT - SPF


3D Modelling, Shop Drawings, Hardware, Splines, and Mass Timber supply



Fast + Epp

Heatherbrae Builders



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