This multi-family housing development features exposed Glulam beams and columns.

Sonrisa Studio Apartments – Sacramento, CA

Sonrisa Studio Apartments is a mixed-use multi-family housing development, featuring exposed Glulam beams and columns.

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This is a 77-unit mass timber mid-rise housing project.

Timber House – New Westminster, BC

Mass timber will be used throughout the 77-unit mid-rise housing project.

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Hemlock CLT

Adera Duet – Coquitlam, BC

This project features Hemlock CLT.

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Construction in progress

Woodstock – Vancouver, BC

Douglas fir Glulam beams and SPF CLT panels will be used to replace the steel structure in this residential housing project.

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Spruce CLT roof

The Annex – Portland, OR

Kalesnikoff is supplying Spruce CLT and Douglas Fir Glulam for this affordable housing development.

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Kind Project – Sacramento, CA

This apartment complex will feature exposed Cross Laminated Timber (CLT).

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Exterior photo shows mass timber walkways.

Share Housing Complex – Nelson, BC

Mixed-use, low income housing with commercial space on the main floor, Share Housing is the collaborative work of several community partners.

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Exterior rendering of mass timber build

Kind 2 – Sacramento, CA

Each unit in this 3-story apartment building features a 12’ high exposed cross-laminated timber ceiling.

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mass timber multi-family development

Rockford Place – Langford, BC

Rockford Place Apartments is a two-building, six-story mass timber multi-family development with ground floor commercial spaces.

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Mass timber office and residential building rendering

Heartwood – Seattle WA    

Located in Seattle, Heartwood is an 8-story 66,000 square foot mass timber office and residential building.

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Rendering of a Mixed-use mass timber build

550 E Broadway – Vancouver, BC

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels are being used for flooring, roofing and walls in this three-storey build.

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Adera Trio rendering. The building will feature CLT floor, roof and elevator panels.

Adera Trio – Coquitlam, BC

Adera Trio is a 59-unit apartment. It will feature CLT floor, roof and elevator panels.

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Four stories of CLT design

Space Craft – Charlotte, NC

Kalesnikoff supplied over 700 individual CLT panels spanning up to 60' lengths to make up the top four floors.

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Mass timber drawing

Parallel Apartments – Wheatridge, CO

Kalesnikoff is providing 5-ply SPF CLT for elevator and staircase shaft walls in this housing project. We are also supporting the project with 3D modelling, shop drawings and hardware.

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